We must do everything we can to help Bitcoin thrive in El Salvador, CAR, and those that follow. If it fails, it will be a major blow to its future!

So many people and nations that have been indefinitely impoverished and lacked any meaningful financial stability are now likely looking to these first adopter nations and how the Bitcoin experiment plays out. We, as a community, should do everything that we possibly can to help it flourish and succeed. It is both in our own best interest, as if it succeeds, the price of our own holdings will increase, but more importantly, if it succeeds, it will help pull billions of people into the modern economy and ultimately improve their quality of life.

I've seen videos from people on the ground in El Salvador, and I am slightly worried by the lack of understanding and adoption at present. It is understandable, the average citizen there has little to no understanding of how it works, which induces fear and skepticism.

That is where we, as a global community need to step in. Whether that be building software that can easily be used by lay people in these nations, or creating online content to help educate those who live in these countries. For those who were first adopters and have benefited significantly financially, it could even be investing in these countries or just visiting them and paying for things with Bitcoin. What I really want to see is those who have significant holdings to start investing in these nations. I saw the idea floated of a 'Bitcoin City' in El Salvador. These things must be brought into reality!

Once El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, the real game began. If one of these countries suffers as a result adopting Bitcoin, it will severely hamper its growth. We must do everything we can to increase adoption, safety, and understanding if we want to see our vision of the future realized.

Post some ideas in the comments that you might have about how we as a community can help increase adoption in these countries!

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