GitHub plans to require 2FA for all active developers by the end of 2023

I know that there are currently active plans to track and centralize control over the whole information running through the internet by the World Economic Forum and the likes, Given Microsoft’s and Bill Gates’ relations with the World Economic Forum and the fact that Microsoft owns GitHub and that Monero source code is hosted on GitHub, Maybe there should active plans be made to move the source code to somewhere else? If I remember correctly 2FA requires inserting a phone number what could possibly expose the identity of the Monero programmers and if they are exposed they can definitely be put on some intelligence agencies kill list. What are your thoughts about that given the active actions by the world’s elites and the banking cartel to move us into the New World Order Agenda 2030 Own nothing and be happy agenda? Thanks. I am still trying to wrap my head around some mitigation technologies like IPFS, I2P, Self hosting source code (GitLab , Fossil etc.) and ask if there are any plans to be made for Monero too.

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