[OC] I created a simple website where I explain why 1 BTC = 1 BTC for my non-Bitcoin friends who think I’m a trader.

Here it is:

I'm a software engineer, just started diving recently into the programming aspect of Bitcoin, cryptography, etc. and found everything fascinating. Was hoping to share it with friends and even fellow programmers and spark their curiosity, but all I got was the typical "oooooh, so you're becoming an expert trader?". MSM = facepalm.

I decided to create this website to troll my friends a bit and wasn't really sure if I should publish it or not, but voilá! It did kind of work! Best is that my father-in-law asked me recently to learn more about bitcoin (his national fiat currency is doing much worse than the dollar), he wants to invest a bit and whatnot. That's a huge win.

I still think the idea is kind of stupid but sharing it here nevertheless, hey it's the internet, what could go wrong? Enjoy the dip guys, I'm off to buy s'more.

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