I’m buying 2 more racks of Bitcoin

I look at Bitcoin like the California gold rush before everyone found out there was actually

I’m 22 years old but still love cash just as much as Bitcoin but with so many changes in the world and corporations joining and putting money in Bitcoin secretly only shows the agenda.

Then again where the fuck is all this trillions and trillions tax bubble gunna pop & once it does who’s gunna be there to bsck our money since Nixon took it off the reserve in 72

Since 72 we “ THE PEOPLE “ put the trust in the paper to have the value it’s at only to have corrupt old ass wrinkly politicians ( she do got big tities doe ) making us pay more taxes with the more all time high record breaking never seen before inflation

Happy Mother’s Day & COP & HODL , 10 years later you’d be thanking yourself for putting in what you could.


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