Burn my seed phrase card after restoring the wallet on 5 different Trezors?

I know hardware wallets can and do fail sometimes but, What are the odds that all 5 of my brand new Trezors (Stored in different geographical locations) will all die on me by the time I want to access the funds? say in a couple of year to a decade.

What if I test them every year and replace the bad ones?

If I go that route, Any other downsides other than all 5 being dead when I want to recover or transfer the funds in the future?

I am super paranoid after getting SIM-Swapped twice (well 3 times but they caught the 3rd attempt early and pretended it never happened) and I keep getting phishing E-Mails and text messages all the time.Which is not the issue really because I know I am a target and have been for the past 4 years and at this point and after being stung multiple times my digital security is now rock solid and you basically have to have insider access or make me swallow my own dick to have access to any of my online accounts.

The main issue is, They (the gang of hackers that keep trying to hack me over and over) know my full name, My wife's name (Thanks T-Mobile), Where I live, possibly my SS number and how much money I used to trade with on exchange xyz before they got hacked and leaked all of my KYC information. I listened to a few podcasts where insiders explain what they would do to hack someone and the lengths these people are willing to go to to score a "lick"? is crazy and fucking scary and I just don't feel safe storing my seed phrase in physical, readable form anywhere anymore, To think that I used to keep my seed phrase in my desk drawer like a lazy idiot smh.

And it's not safe to store it in a digital form either and I feel like the safest way would be on a hardware wallet with a long complex enough pass phrase that I can memories easily.


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