You Have Made a Bet

All you have to remember is this. You have made a bet. It may feel more like a thesis. It may even feel more like an ideology. But at the end of the day, whenever you lay your money on the line in hopes of growing it via increased perception of value, you have made a bet. And that is not meant to sound like a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with making a bet. It's all about the odds and the payout. I personally made a bet on Bitcoin because the potential upside is enormous. The chance to reinvent money only comes along every thousand years or so. It may even be more rare than that. But I always kept in the back of my mind that I may lose it all. That I may in fact be the equivalent of a 17th century tulip speculator. I was never so arrogant as to dismiss that possibility. You cannot always HODL your way to victory. Everyone else in the world gets a vote as well. So I risked an mount of money I am comfortable losing completely. But it's also an amount of money that will make me very, very happy if BTC becomes the coin of the realm. So…let's see what happens. I've got time.

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