I LOVE this dip. Filling up my fidelity 401k past the 10% limit!

Fidelity recently let us put Bitcoin in our 401ks but the boomers who run it only let us put 10% of the balance into it. Which of course I maxed out As soon as it was allowed.Well guess what, since BTC is down, it's no longer 10% of my portfolio so today I could buy more.

I'm honestly hoping it keeps dipping so I can keep buying more and eventually will get my entire 401k in BTC in spite of the stupid restriction. Because as it falls, it lets me buy more and more with the other assets in there. The best part is, it's all coming out tax free eventually because it's a 401k.

That's probably why fidelity only lets you put 10% tbh, some deal they have with the government so we don't make too much tax-free gains.

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