I trust politicians who talk about Bitcoin LESS not MORE

People in this community have become way too soft on politicians.

All they have to say is Bitcoin and we all start clapping like seals?

Idiots. We used to understand that politicians are charlatans who will say anything to gain power and never actually deliver on anything.

Do you honestly believe that any of the politicians who have made talking about Bitcoin the core of their platform have any interest in improving Bitcoin? They are only interested in furthering their own political agenda and they know that if they talk about the orange coin before anyone else they'll have devotees from this community for life, which is sad when this is supposed to be a community of free thinking individuals.

You are not immune to propaganda. Say it 3 times.

It's a ruse. You're being played. There is no reason to assume that these individuals are any less self-serving than all the rest or that any of their policies will materially improve the lives of bitcoiners or the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole. If government bitcon bans don't work then why do we even need political approval?

Any politician talking about Bitcoin should be considered suspect imo.

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