Just reached 0,01 Bitcoin for the first time ever!

I know it ain’t much but hear me out. I have been following actively the crypto market for 6 years now (Since I was 18 y/o). The first time I heard about bitcoin I was a 12y/o kid who had just heard about the deep web and how Bitcoin was used to pay for assassinations and drugs and child porn and so on… Fast forwad to 2018 I thought about buying but Bitcoin had already hit 17k (euros) and was at the time at 6 or 7k. I thought to myself “It dropped from 17k to 6k, that’s no good, besides, 7k is still too much”. Then it dropped to 3k and 2k and I kind of lost interest, and now I regret not buying and Hodling at the time. However today I can see why Bitcoin is and will always be the number one cryptocurrency. I bought my first satoshi at 39k, I bought more earlier today at 29k and will continue buying every month and Hodl it for a very long long time. Thank you for reading.

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