Monero “Taint Trees”

So recently I've seen criticism on Twitter of Monero, saying how a decoy based system is weaker than a purely zk-SNARK one (which tbf is technically true).

However, the main argument seems to stem from the fact that the set of decoys is small-ish. I searched a little more and found and this and (disregarding the snark about how decoy based systems are "security theater") the attacks outlined ("overseer attack", "flashlight attack", and "tainted dust attack") seem stupid easy out to carry by any remotely competent attacker which makes me skeptical about the practicality/validity of these attacks but I can't articulate it well. They also link to the monerolink paper which from my understanding made some bold unsubstantiated claims ( The papers also only seem to focus on RingCT which idk if other things like stealth addresses came out after all this was published or they simply ignored Monero's other features.

So, what exactly are the issues with these claims against Monero?

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