Please explain me the reason why I should pick XMR over Ghost.

The thing is – I've got some moneys to invest in privacy coins. And I'd rather invest in something that creates value over time. After quite a bit of research I stopped with two coins – XMR and Ghost. They both have impressive tech and active development. In terms of ROI Ghost as POS coin looks like far more efficient and effective way to stake vs POW where you mine using expensive hardware and electricity. In Ghost's tech the “nodes” are actually people with wallets. They ensure network security by holding these amounts or more for price stability. Ghost holders also get monthly veteran rewards, which is the biggest factor in ROI.

I'm not trying to shill or something, I'm just in a position of a person looking for interesting and growing project with potential to have stable income over years. For now it all looks like a no brainer to me, but I'm a bit skeptical over privacy coins in general, so I'd like to see some thoughts from experienced people.

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