Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad says he’ll buy Bitcoin when the ‘bottom is in,’ which he believes will be around $17,000. Is Buying Bitcoin When the Price Dips the Best time to Buy?

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, has updated his bitcoin price prediction and perspective.

On Thursday, Kiyosaki tweeted that bitcoin is collapsing and that he is waiting for the price to drop to $20,000. He explained that he will wait for BTC to test the bottom, which he believes will be around $17,000, before starting to buy. "The best moments to get money are during crashes," he recommended.

The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad announced in January that he would buy additional bitcoin "if and when BTC tests $20K." The acclaimed author predicted the largest bubble implosion last month. The government, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve were all referred to as "thieves" by him. He also predicted hyperinflation and depression, advising investors to purchase gold, silver, and bitcoin.

I agree with the Rich Dad Poor Dad author has I think Bitcoin's value is more than just it's market valuation. The cryptocurrency is innovative and it's is preferable to fiat. Bitcoin is more secure, easily transferable, decentralized. Bitcoin will be an integral part of global institutional finance has we have seen more and government and financial institutions adopt the cryptocurrency.

Also if one takes a look at the metaverse and the block chain ecosystem which is steadily developing with innovative projects such as Luckyblock which is a digital asset project that decentralizies the lottery process via blockchain technology, Planet Maya which is powered by champions games is a decentralized and collaborative online casino which allows developers to build Games around betting, Silks a blockchain-based metaverse that enables users to own, trade, and profit from thoroughbred racing horses. I think Blockchain technology will revolutionize our civilization just like the internet did which makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies more important has the Blockchain ecosystem utilizes cryptocurrencies for transactions.

I think when you really do understand Bitcoin and Blockchain technology and the impact it will have on our society on a global scale it will be silly to sell Bitcoin because of price fluctuations.

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