To the class of 2021: don’t make the mistake I did

I’m class of 2017, and went in fairly hard back then, but not nearly as hard as I could have. No regrets there… I was new, and didn’t trust Bitcoin like I do now. I rode it up, and when it all ended in 2018, I backed off. I stopped DCAing because I thought “had enough” based on my current level of belief. I burnt out because I’d been down the rabbit hole for a year or more. I put my coins in cold storage and more or less about Bitcoin.

Don’t make the mistake I did.

I started reading and learning even more (this time about lightning network and running nodes) in 2020, and took a whole handful of orange pills. But now, instead of stacking Sats at $8k-14k, I stacked them from $30k-69k-28k. I’m paying 3-10x as much, just because I moved on to other interests when the bull run ended.

I have few regrets. I’m grateful as all hell that I bought what I did in 2017, and had the good sense to HODL it in multisig. But I wish I had taken my own advice and DCA’d.

Bitcoin is going to be in the media less. Your friend groups and Reddit subs will become less active for a year or two. But don’t forget about Bitcoin.

Keep learning more. Keep orange-pulling people. Set up a weekly DCA buy, and forget about that instead.

You’ll thank me in 2024-2025.

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