When the market will remember about privacy

To be clear and avoid misunderstanding, I'm in no way against Bitcoin, the opposite I would love to see it taking place of fiat BUT with appropriate privacy protection that right now there isn't. Which is why I also dived into Monero.

I think that a paradigm change in the crypto market towards the importance of privacy will likely happen when two conditions are matched:

If ( really more of a "When"): • Blockchain surveillance is used by governments/dictatorships. • During a period of high national or international tension, characterised by social unrest.

This will lead to the first case of people imprisoned due to the chain transparency and maybe killed or deported.

If that was to haplen and such news were to be verified that would rapidly spread over the whole market.

I'm in no way saying we have to be happy of such event because it will help Monero, not at all. I couldn't stress it more. But it's kinda inevitable that it will happen.

I would like to hear some other thoughts over this.

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