40% of all dollars were printed in 2020.

Read that title carefully. 40%. It doesn't even include the dollars printed in 2021, and the first quarter of 2022.

People around Reddit are saying "the dollar is getting stronger!!1". No it isn't. It is getting stronger compared to other currencies that haven't stopped the money printing. I don't care who you are or what bridge you are trying to sell me…printing 40+% of all your nations currency in the span of 2 years IS going to have repercussions going forward that we haven't felt yet.

The BTC to Dollar exchange rate is being affected by the fact that those who purchased BTC as a speculative asset are moving their money out of BTC back into dollars because they are fearful of a market crash. But your SATS haven't lost value in compared to the other SATS on the market…they will only go up in time.

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