Monero Bounties Service Rewrite

Monero Bounties Service Rewrite

In relation to the earlier post regarding re-writing the monero bounties Fider bot…

Demonstration of the daemon detecting a post and placing a donation link

I have written a C# implementation which improves upon the existing code in the following ways:

  1. Donation links are clickable (in production these are broken)
  2. Extensive logging has been added to the services to help diagnose when/if any issues occur – potential to export these structured logs
  3. Labels are added to the subaddress for easier inspection in the wallet:
  4. There is a docker compose file for local development (spawns Fider, Postgres, Adminer, Smtp4Dev)

Labels are applied to the sub addresses used in the wallet

The remaining tasks I have are:

  1. Write the service which will use the WalletRpcClient to enter donations and display total updates (I plan to improve upon the existing implementation by showing an immediate comment for unconfirmed donations – which is then updated in place once it is confirmed).
  2. Polish/documentation

I expect to be done in the next day or so, at which point I will publish the link to the source code repository.

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