Questions I have about pools with moderately high hash rate.

Forgive me if this is a non issue. I'm still new to this topic as a whole and am trying to learn.

What has me curious is if there could be an attack organized on the network even with all pools having less than 51% hash rate. For example if someone malicious were to come into control of enough pools to add up to 51% of the hash rate.

Assuming the servers weren't taken over by physical means (i.e government actors taking them over), would it be possible for a group to gain access to and then use pool servers to coordinate this attack?

If this is possible, what can pools do to ensure they don't get used for such an attack?

If gaining access to a pool's server could not result in such an attack, why?

If anyone knows the answer to these I'd love to hear it. Cybersecurity is interesting to me but I have large gaps in my knowledge.

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