[Free] Pancakeswap Prediction bot [Version 3.0]


Hey there, I have a pancakeswap prediction bot and a sniper bot for you. I programmed both of them myself and update them regularly. would be nice if you leave a fork and star on github. its all free to use.

Github: AssaEmpire's Bot: https://github.com/AssaEmpireToken/Pancakeswap-Prediction-Bot-2022-Updated

Github: Savannahcat's Bot: https://github.com/SavannahCatToken/PancakeswapPredictionBot-Fullversion

Github: #BETA VERSION#: https://github.com/AssaEmpireToken/Pancakeswap-bot-moreprofit

• Our YouTube Video:




If you have any problems, just report them here on reddit or to our support.

Support: support@assaempire.eu

Our Team:

• AssaEmpire (Owner/Programmer) • SavannahCat (Github, Reddit, Youtube and Twitter Support) • Bronx (Programmer) • K4L (Youtube Supporter)

BETA VERSION## https://github.com/AssaEmpireToken/Pancakeswap-bot-moreprofit

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