Sponsor a Professional Golfer with Bitcoin?

Hey everyone, I am a up and coming professional golfer who has a full schedule for 2023, it will be my first full schedule as a touring pro. Ill be playing in as many APT Tour tournaments I can afford in addition to KFT Monday Qualifiers. I think it would be really neat to have "Bitcoin" as my main sponsor… Bitcoin bag, logo all over my clothes and hats, BTC headcovers, ETC. It would really only take (at current prices) 1 BTC per year to afford a full season. I would be willing to put up 20k worth of my own BTC to anyone willing to help. I have a passion for BTC and golf, obviously, and think it would be really cool to document the journey of trying to be a touring professional and just use BTC for all my expenses as opposed to USD. How would the sponsor benefit? They would be given 25% of all tournament winnings for each season they were willing to help. Once I can stand on my own two feet or make it to the KFT or PGA Tour they would be entitled to 3% of all on course earnings for the remainder of my career. Would be willing to put this in a contract of some sorts. I want to do my part in spreading awareness around BTC and Golf would be my greatest vehicle to do so. Could make for a neat documentary also.

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