The future of crypto payments should be to further cypherpunk and privacy, it should be fixing the Internet, not the current trajectory and state of affairs.

We need to talk about the future of smart contracts and apps, dapps so forth with Bitcoin and Monero, atomic swaps and broader newer services with historic coins.

TLDR; Bitcoin is totally hijacked by anti-cypherpunk people, people who cosplay liberty, but are in fact arguably deeply in bed with international state power, even more than ethereum. It's dour, radical institutional capture.

This is not 2017, technology is rapidly changing. The ability to do things with agnostic zk rollups and layer 3 solutions is going to allow a lot of things to be done with lightning channels. The most advanced on the cusp things are by far using lightning and final settlements via bitcoin, litecoin, (like tradelayer and copper) or zkrollups and other things like tendermint.

This would allow old coins to be used as a global encryption utility to give finality to say the existence of a social media account, someones speech, someone's writing, political opinions, their art and expression and so forth. Mind you, this is not easy or here yet with bitcoin, this is the most advanced stuff firmly in the realm of Clairo, Clarity, Rust programming, Zk Rollups and so forth. To do this with only bitcoin is not simple or easy. Historically everything was focused around making a new [redacted] and being robbed by Venture capital. No ecosystem interchangiability, no fungibility, no composability, just endless scams.

That gets us to people like Saylor and Saifedean and their political positions, and US Financial Laws.

How are you going to protect the speech, expression, writing, and social media of 168 countries, and 8 billion people *from their own government* much less our government the absolute imperialist monetary colonialism financial regulations of US Law.

There is only one way to do that, and it is highly composable client side software that

  1. uses a coin to settle and prove finality, to pay for global omniprescent storage. If someone's writing and posts exist on one server or one computer, some nation state will censor or seize it.
  2. Is fully anonymous to prevent state persecution
  3. Used to prevent duplication, fraud, plagiarism, and impersonation, the finality of identity, similar to a public PGP signature.

While what I mentioned may sound totally sane and intuitive, the fully anonymous part is what G20 states, Fatf, and US Law and EU Law are hyper hostile towards and are fighting tooth and nail. I cannot begin to explain to you how hard they are working behind the scenes to prevent this, to censor the entire internet, with the EU now proposing a law to do CLIENT SIDE scanning of all posts and speech. Truly an Orwellian totalitarian state.

So this brings me to this point.

If Saylor and Saifedean are aiding and abetting the SEC out of political spite, and cooperating with US Financial Surveillance laws and ultimately promoting and defending EU and US and even other G20 States, if you have ethereum teams complying more and more with regulators and attending conferences to plan layer 1 permissioned systems. Saifedean is promoting Monarchism out in the open for christ sake, he's an authoritarian. Same with Keiser and Saylor. You have Coinbase promoting the "TRUST" system ( look it up, travel rule compliance). Many of these other layer 1s have dubious decentralization.

The malarkey with Venture capital on the investment thesis, legal liability, has now been devastating for two cycles, they've dumped down 95% two cycles in 6 years. It attracts feds like flies to cow patties.

*****How are you going to protect the speech and expression of 8 billion people, if these so called thought heros promote KYC compliance on every single company or development team, how can you create an ecosystem culture that defends the human race from state political persecution if you enable a culture of defending the SEC, CFTC, FSOC, DOJ, DHS, and other US and EU financial regulators?*

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