How to not trust and verify certain things when I’m dumb?


Been in the BTC space since 2019 and have fallen down the rabbit hole and been doing a bunch of research. I know the basics but am definitely not an expert. Two things that are bugging me that I am not sure how to verify are:

  1. I'm running my own Umbrel Node. How do I actually know that this thing is part of the grand decentralized bitcoin network, and not just a slick GUI ontop of a wallet? How do I know that I am participating in the network and helping to decentralize it? I can look in the SSD and look at the files that its downloaded, but how do I VERIFY that this thing is actually validating blocks proposed from the miners?
  2. I use a trezor wallet to store my btc. I know that it is open source and everything, but I'm too dumb to figure out how to access that and read it, and even if I could, I'm not a programmer, so idk what it would actually be saying. But how do I verify that, for example, when I connect my wallet and either a) install new firmware or b) download the latest version of the trezor suite, how do I know someone somewhere, or the trezor team themselves arent going to just hack my wallet and take everything? I can trust when people say "that can't happen" but how do I fricking VERIFY this?

Please help a dumb bitcoin enthusiast out.


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