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Disclaimer: I will not disclose any information about my company; for me wanting to keep my job.

I work for a small computer store that has a few locations. I sometimes visit these locations to pick a few things up for the store I work at. A month ago, I visited one of our other locations. The managers there usually give me a tour around the facility and we chat it up for a bit. Eventually, we got into the conversation about crypto. He was a hardcore Bitcoin and Eth-maxi and mines a bunch at home. To him, everything else was garbage, everything else was irrelevant. I told him I only supported Monero. The tech guy being curious, asked me what Monero was so I explained it to him in a way where I compared Bitcoin to Monero. We had a great conversation and he seemed pretty intrigued after that interaction.

A few days ago, we got in PC’s for our store that this other location built. Mind you, we don’t really build PCs, but head office asked them to build these PCs because they apparently have a program where you can rent a PC with some schools(?) Anyways, someone had bought one of these PC in one of our other other locations. Apparently, there were a bunch of issues with it so we had to open, run some tests and check all these pre-built PCs to make sure there were no issues with them. Some had cable management issues, some had the RAM a little lose, but one of them had software downloaded onto it. After our tech cleaned up the PC, I asked him what the crypto miner was called and he said “Nicehash Quick miner”. Before this, I never heard of Nicehash nor do I know if it’s any good or not. I went on their website to see what coins you could mine and little did I know, they only use Excavator and XMRig to mine and both were found to be originally running on the software.

I don’t agreed with what this dude did. Using a PC he was supposed to build for the company to mine crypto, but it was funny to hear from my coworker today that someone I explained monero to a month ago saw the value in it.

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