BRING DA BEATS!!! I’m donating 1 xmr to the next big Monero jam of 2022.

Hello Monero fam!

I'm a fan of crypt0 bear's beats and his dedication to the project. So how about this? I'll donate 1 xmr to the next big Monero jam of 2022. I'm not a whale, this is my way of giving back and promoting Monero. XMR is a tool for our freedom so it's time to get people excited about Monero.


  1. Can be any music genre. EDM, Mariachi, Rock, Rap, Reggae, Pop, etc.
  2. In English or Spanish.
  3. Has to have the word "Monero" in the song at least one time in a positive way. (Freedom mentioned or incorporated is a plus)
  4. Post it to youtube, twitter, & as a reply to this post at r/Monero by 12/25/22. Music should be quality, video doesn't have to be. Content created from June to December considered.
  5. If your submitted entry earns you 1 million or more cut me in for 25%. Proceeds (my cut) will go into future Monero projects and promotions of my choosing.


1 XMR. Winner will be decided by r/Monero forum or agreeable alternative on 12/31/22. If Monero pumps by then this could be worth some serious… Monero.

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