Buy 350000 books with Monero!

Buy 350000 books with Monero!

Great News!

As we have promised in the past, ShopinBit has now integrated over 350,000 English books directly into our privacy-friendly online shop. Purchase your favourite books with Monero; As usual no customer account needed and no advertiser tracking.

Our selection does not only include books that were already available for crypto-enthusiasts like The Bitcoin Standard or Mastering Bitcoin. The big news is that we are offering hundreds of thousands of "normal" books from every category that you can think of.

No matter if you are looking for a biography of Tamerlane, a Keto cookbook, a romance novel, the Dune graphic novella, a book about Python or a book about pythons, we have a huge selection where everyone can find something he likes.

This is possible because we are working together with a local book supplier who can order for us books from most big and many smaller publishing houses so that we can sell them to our customers across the EU. Unfortunately this means that we can't deliver books the next day but that it can take up to 3-4 weeks until the books arrive at your location.

If you want something we don't have listed on our site you can contact us through our Concierge Service where we will not charge you anything extra if you only want to order books that we can get through our suppliers!

And as always you get 3% off if you pay with Monero (or Bitcoin) and free shipping for all orders above 21€!

Feel free to take a look at our bookstore and give us your feedback like you did when we announced our Beauty and Personal Care section!

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