Only early miners, shitcoin scammmers and lucky leverage traders have more than 1000 BTC.

Just watched Davincij15 (the guy who started buying bitcoin at $1) explain how after he started buying the price rocketed to $32 before crashing down to $2 then settled at $5, meaning anyone who was buying from the start of 2011 until the end of 2012 averaged a buy in price of $5. It takes $5k at an average of $5 per coin to get 1000 btc and back then basically no one had the conviction to throw in more than $5k. So even people dollar cost averaging in for two years between early 2011 and late 2012 likely wouldnt even have reached 1000btc.

Early amateur miners were making 35 btc a day for months on end and they definitely stacked thousands. Shitcoin scammers have definitely turned their shitcoin rug pulls into thousands of btc, and a few lucky bitmex leverage traders hit it big making thousands of btc. But not many people were early miners, shitcoin scammers or lucky with leverage trading.

So if you remove them from the equation then its safe to assume most early adopters from 2011 and 2012 likely have more than 100 btc but less than 1000 btc, unless they took out large loans and dropped their life savings into it when it was $5 (which no one did).

I think people with more than 1000 btc today are extremely rare and not representative of the early adopter crowd. Most of the true OG early adopters have maybe a couple hundred btc not a couple thousand.

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