The game is always the same: wait for winterbottom, don’t panic and buy more before cryptosummer comes.

i’m in this Bitcoin game since 2017 and made bad mistakes on this run like many others. Read many posts about strategies but the only one that helped me really were the advice to hold, no matter what. Today the adoption is much more advanced and so the actual lowest price is much higher since then. Holding worked out in this years. Forget the noise between. Now in this winter the big players watch calm for the cheapest price available and rebuy back in big and fast if they have the feeling the very bottom is in and then soon the fomo will ride it up again to new higher highs. Adoption will continue to grow with new generations. You only will survive this game with discipline and focus on getting more BTC. If you manage to get 1 BTC you are one of max 21 Millions in the world! No one will ever change this maximum. If you sell (in panic) you lose on the long run. If you try to time the market you will lose too. Holding is sometimes painful but easy to handle. only a few ppl have the luck to buy at the right time. Don’t watch the short run. It should be your only way and it will reward you in the future. No financial advice but my very true feeling.

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