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Hi there fellow Bitcoiners,

I was pondering about Bitcoin and it's network. I'm getting deeper and deeper into Bitcoin and moving away from all the "new and improved coins" that emerge every single day.

I started running Umbrel with a Bitcoin Node and Lightning (which makes transactions awesomely cheap). So i'm getting in deeper and deeper into "the one coin that rules them all".

But there is a question stuck in my mind for a long time and what better way then to ask here.

The What if, and let's assume that we are not talking about 1 or 2 mining farms or nodes but for the sake of it, let's make it a 80-90% case.

So what if 80-90%:

  1. What if miners power down due to regulations
  2. What if miners power down due to the rise in electricity bills (the government could make mining super expensive because it's "not green".
  3. What will happen if 2 of the above take place?
  4. What if ALL mining is banned with a worldwide hunt on miners. What will happen to the network? Nodes alone can't process the transactions.
  5. What is the "crackdown" on big miners in a joint force attempt to ban Bitcoin (to force CBDC's on people). Miners shutdown and the "New World Order" does a 51% attack.

I keep reading that Bitcoin is the one true option against the money printer due to it's fixed cap. I keep reading that the network is super secure above other chains. This is true, until the above happens.

After years of reading about it, trying a whole lotta different crypto i keep coming back to btc. And the above situation is something i can't find anywhere to be answered.


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