fake journalism about monero

so like, i really have to rant about that, it shouldnt bother me as we all know that in our day and ages nowadays real journalism isnt even a thing no more so… i guess it should just be one of those things that are totally expected but ngl, it still really pissing me off for some whatever reason…

so for example cmc (i know i know, trash platform owned by binance which is a trash shady exchange and we all know that so why am i still bothered by it LOL), they have that newsfeed or whatever it's called with all dumb ass "crypto news" websites

why are they calling monero a "token"?
they wouldnt call bitcoin a "token", right? like, it's not like its some erc-20 token on the ethereum blockchain or something like that but it's own coin on its own blockchain so wtf?
why are they calling the tail emission "the tail emission upgrade"?
the emission is written in the code since the start of time of monero, it's not an upgrade, it's always been there, they wouldnt call bitcoin block halvings "the block halving upgrade" so wtf?

so as you can see, it's really smol things, like, why am i so bothered by those very smol things… errrrrrr….

and speaking about upgrades, there actually is one coming up next month in july with that ring sig size going up from 11 to 16 (funny shit is that some bitcoin maxi trashing out monero in some whatever interview like couple of months ago still thinks it's at like 5 or something? WTF LOL)

(sidenote, 1 – 2 years ago i really thought that at this time of the year in 2022 we would be so much closer of that 128 ring size from typtich (which due to some limitations would now most likely be seraphis instead) but up'ing to 16 from now is still a good move in the right direction, slowly but surely and thank you to all the contributors aiming at those goals for a real fungible digital cash)

either way, those dumb ass articles would never mention that or if they do, would do it in a way that is very misleading and could indirectly hint to some sort of fud or whatever, like "omg it's gonna hard fork" hinting to their crypto illiterate readers that it might chain split cause some whatever controversy like the btc/bch bch/bsv dramas, then those semi crypto literate btc maxi be like "omg why u hard forking so much lol, its so bad, btc dont do that, btc so so good lol" errrrrr…….

and then comparing those whatever articles like recently being all like omg fluffypony having those hundreds and hundreds of charge fraud, the dude "co-funded" montero hinting that omfg fluffypony gonna mt gox the shit outta those poor montero holders can u imagine???
and comparing that to… monero.observer, like fuck me, if there is some actual journalism out there that would be that… like even when up until last year i was maintaining one of the monero platform and trying my best to properly post announcements about what's new to keep the community informed on what's what like network upgrades, cli/gui upgrades, p2pool, public dev chats times and when they were live and such, given i was doing that for free without ccs but even if i made a ccs for it, that still wouldnt have been close to monero.observer's level so massive props to the maintainer of that
like, that to me shows how cringe the state of journalism and fuck, the internet as a whole be (and to some extent, even how the world be cause shits in real life do be having the exact same cringe ass paterns), like these people are literally employed and paid a salary to write a bunch of garbage without even knowing wtf is what

being all like "omg crypto is hot rn, everybody talking about it rn, that's the next big thing", is it tho? like, erybody talking about cryptography???? u for fucking real? WTF???? like, these people wouldnt even know how to set up a pgp key pair, ssh key pair, encrypting their data (LUKS is in like every single linux distro in existence by default) by these like self-proclaimed "crypto experts" having a salary writting a bunch of bs
i mean, standards is not like u should be some next level cryptography PHD Sarang, Surae Noether but we be end users, that's the bases and am some retarded ass bitch so it's really not like the standards are that high…..

anyways, that shit just really pissing me off and i know it shouldnt cause like said, we all know it's just a bunch of fake ass bs anyways but still…

and more recently the whole reuters "omg the criminals be using binance oh no, whatwegonnado", well how about they delist xmr? there as been so much fud about "oh no, xmr is getting delisted"
but it SHOULD get delisted, like sure it'll be replaced by some more fud "woah am too retarded to figure how to buy the monero, it's just sooooooo hard, kyc-less fixedfloat, swaps and anything on kycnot.me is just for the over 9000 IQ people" but on the long run, getting rid of all those centralized shady exchanges would just be so much beneficial for the whole thing

kinda insane being seen as some crazy ass tinfoil just by stating that, the role of an exchange is just to match a buyer with a seller and a seller with a buyer, not to act as a bank lying about how many they actually have in reserve because they just faking volumes, creating fake trades on their own off-chain platform acting as both sellers and buyers to manipulate the market hence why they do not have the amounts they should have at all times

anyways, thanks for coming to my ted talk, dont mind leaving your "too long didnt read", downvote away cause reddit is yet an other garbage ass platform as well, like fuck, did u know that since "crypto" is so hot rn, that erybody is jumping on the hype train, reddit co-founder even made their own token called something like "apeshit token" or somethin?

cryptography to the fucking moon yall!!!! o/
and from the bottom of my heart, my most genuine thanks to the contributors of the monero ecosystem aiming at those same goals of building something actually good and useful for the regular joes and janes regardless of adversity and whatnot

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