EU is making bitcoin useless and we are doing nothing to avoid this!!

TL;DR. EU is destroying btc and we are just watching instead of acting.

Disclaimer: I love bitcoin and I’m here since 2017. So don’t think I’m a hater or I want to spread FUD.

Bitcoin can’t be banned, but can be made useless?

No one can ban bitcoin and also telling this is a funny sentence. But what EU can do is making bitcoin useless for us and profitable for them!

How EU is manking bitcoin useless

EU is trying to make bitcoin useless with all the upcoming laws against un- hosted wallets. Sending bitcoin to an unhosted wallet from exchanges will require to verify your unhosted wallet, and if you try to send them to other unhosted wallet you could risk to keep those bitcoin locked an no more accepted by exchanges or to explain what you did with them. I think they are playing on this: they are trying to make bitcoin something you buy on CEX and do just nothing with them. So useless. Bitcoin is meant to be transferred and used to exchange value not to buy a SQL tuple on a CEX database. This way they will get rid of all the troubles about uncontrollable money, and also they will earn on it with taxes, after they made it useless.

What we are doing to avoid this

Nothing! Just nothing! I don’t want to be harsh but many of us just cover their eyes telling “bitcoin can’t be banned”, “bitcoin will be the future” etc etc. ok but do we want to realize we are in trouble now and we, as a community of bitcoiners, should act to change events and not just watch all what is happening in EU?

What can we do?

I don’t know, but we should do something before it’s too late! We can’t keep watching EU destroying bitcoin with stupid restrictions like that latest news in Lithuania. So please, we all get aware this is a thing and we should find some functional ways to protest!

Sorry for my bad English I’m from Italy.

Edit: It would be cool if we can use the comments section to find some ways to act/protest. We are 4millions!

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