The Average non-crypto Normie thinks 1 Sat is 1 Bitcoin. Mind Blown O_o

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That's a complex mess and there's unlikely to be a decimal anywhere except for micropayments on the LN. My recent trip to El Salvador is where is clicked. Nobody uses the word sats, and nobody distinguishes whole coins. They simply call it bitcoin. "Diez mil bitcoin" which is 10,000 bitcoin, or sats to us, and is enough for a meal for two at a restaurant. It's infinitely easier to understand and when you hear it spoken live, it makes perfect sense. In multi-currency countries and ones where amounts are expressed in large numbers (like most of Latin America, but Japan, Indonesia, and parts of Africa too), they're quite used to this.

Honestly pretty surprising, maybe the normies in most countries think like this too? I mean does not seem like anyone went to these lil Pop and Mom stores in El Salvador and taught them when to say Bitcoin and when to say Sat, they just went with what made sense to them

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