Hardware Wallet Questions

Hey everyone – I'm new to Bitcoin, so please don't be arseholes. I have several questions regarding hardware wallets:

  1. Isn't there the possibility that a future Bitcoin Improvement Protocol fucks with "first-gen" hardware wallets and makes them obsolete?
  2. Isn't "data-rot" a real concern with hardware wallets?
  3. How are hardware wallets safer if I still have to connect them to the internet to receive/send Bitcoin? Don't hardware wallets need to be connected to internet-enabled devices to receive and send?
  4. Hardware wallets can be hacked and they can also be sent from the manufacturer with pre-installed malware. How does the wallet being open-sourced make a difference in this regard?

Ultimately, I wish to purchase a hardware wallet ONCE, send BTC to it quarterly, and never have to think about software updates, manufacturers going out of business, and the device/device app interface being hacked.

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