What are your thoughts on this?

This is a comment I found on youtube while looking for more info on Monero: " The problem isn't btc itself but rather centralized exchanges, bitcoin in general is more secure than monero and is way more decentralized too that's why people choose to put billions of money in bitcoin and not monero, the reason for that is because monero's fees are so cheap that theres no incentive to miners therefore monero's network is unsecure to 51% attack, then comes the hardness to find a bug in the moneros network simply because it's "private" and no amount of reading the code or doing math will be able to spot this, Also bitcoin is more scalable with 2nd layer while monero simply can not due it's difficulty in scaling with the complex rig signature. Anyways there's no such a thing as second best bitcoin, bitcoin is the king and will remain. "

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