When Money Dies

If you haven’t already, read When Money Dies by Adam Ferguson, I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s a phenomenal book and greatly sobering considering the situation the world has got itself in.

Soft money and the inevitable Inflation that comes with it via central banking and political malfeasance generates the deepest societal misery.

Sound money is the base of societal harmony and should be protected and cherished.

Monero is the greatest money available currently in my humble opinion as things slide out of control and it’s available to all unconditionally right now. Use it and or hold it and share your knowledge of it, the world needs financial exits highlighted for the average person to safeguard their wealth from debasement.

Cheers to you all who support Monero and thank you to all who have built and continue to build Monero into a true money juggernaut.

Monero is brilliant, beautiful and necessary.

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