Satoshi would be disappointed

The intention of bitcoin was is to be an entirely decentralized, trustless form of currency – not a get rich quick scheme.

Overall the market needs a cleanse. His intention was never to use bitcoin as a launchpad for money hungry institutions, high leveraged trading, rug pull scam coins, high emission defi ponzis, yield earning centralized exchanges or even stablecoins. Sadly the list goes on.

Human greed has taken Satoshis incredible work and monetized the hell out of it copying the idea and pasting it across 10,000 coins with the hope that some may explode and make you rich. The fact he’s not moved any bitcoin during the large appreciations clearly shows it wasn’t a money grab.

Going forward it’s great to see bitcoin dominance increasing, this is the great cleanse.

I am not fussed with the market price, I’m just happy to have some piece in incredible human innovation. Bitcoin will dip and purge the greed, but it will never die. I’m in the for long haul.

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