Cake Wallet and are giving away 2 VIP MoneroKon tickets to the winners of trivia tomorrow at noon CT / 17 UTC!

Twitter link:

Youtube link for stream

Cake Wallet and are giving away 2 free VIP MoneroKon tickets to the top 2 winners of Monero trivia who will go to MoneroKon!

Trivia will be played at noon CT / 17 UTC and will cover Monero's history, technology, and current events.

Already have a GA ticket? Upgrade to VIP if you win and give your old one to a friend! Already a VIP? Give the new ticket to a friend! We ask that the top winners agree to use the ticket in-person, or else we will choose the next ranked person.

We have a limited number of GA tickets available; please DM us if you need one to go in-person!

Trivia is played live using Kahoot. You'll need a phone or web browser to play. Most questions are multiple choice. You get more points for answering quickly! Simply join the stream and follow the instructions.

See you tomorrow for a lot of fun! We also look forward to seeing everyone at MoneroKon this weekend! #MoneroKon2022

Cake Labs team

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