Pitching monero to a large group!

In a few weeks I am going on a small show called The Investors Pit. It is a show hosted by Todd Hart, Defi Connection and Honeybadger Defi. These are small time names within the BSC space but their shows are very entertaining. In the show I will go on, it is a set of 4 investors given 5 minutes to pitch a coin or token they like, and the community votes on a winner.

In this show I will be doing XMR. Gotta love XMR.

I had a few things to ask you guys for when I go on.

  1. I have to keep it short and sweet so if you guys could link any videos you know, that explain xmr in a concise way which I can take inspiration from. I understand xmr quite well but I need to know how to frame my pitch.
  2. Are there any pieces that should absolutely be mentioned?
  3. There is a Q&A section so if you have any questions people may ask, for me to prepare for them.
  4. They do giveaways in every show, usually this is possible from contacting the project, as the normal pitches are small time projects, but this is a big and decentralised project. If any of you know of ways I could get some XMR together to giveaway that would be fantastic, the size of the giveaways and community is usually the main cause of winning the vote.
  5. I need people to vote for XMR after the pit is done. Normally this is easy for projects as its targeted, but none of the people watching the show are XMR people, they're lowcap utility projects. This means me getting votes will be difficult, so I would appreciate you guys, if not watching the show, please vote for it in the poll. This is a large community, so if even a small amount of you voted it would go a long way.

I appreciate it guys, excited to represent the truest crypto around!

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