Can I create a cold wallet using my current smartphone?

Alright so, I'm new to this and I'm trying to learn, so forgive me if I get anything wrong.

The problem I have is: I can't afford a hardware wallet. Actually I can, but I'd have to spend all my BTC on that, so it'd be kinda of useless. Yeah, I don't have much money, but I live in a third world country, so the little I have is significant.

Now, I don't mind too much leaving it on the exchange company, but I'd prefer having my own seed. But I also don't want to use a hot wallet.

Considering that, I had an idea. I'd generate a key offline, write it down on a paper, and then delete whatever I used to generate that key. I'd also of course save the address of that wallet. Now, as far as I know, a hardware wallet is only a means of storing the key offline and sign transactions. With this idea, I wouldn't be able to sign transactions, but it would be a safe storage, right? And in the future, whenever I want to get that money back, I could just restore my wallet and spend it, right? The only problem I see is that I wouldn't be able to generate a key without leaving any track at all, would that be a big problem?

If someone could help me, telling me if I'm right or wrong, and why in the latter, I'd appreciate. Also, if you have any tips for my situation, or any links to useful information, they are welcomed. Thank you for the attention.

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