How to Securely create a Monero Paper Wallet

How to Securely create a Monero Paper Wallet

I'd figure I'd do a tutorial on how I personally create a paper wallet since I have never seen someone do it this way. This secures your keys from any malware, keylogger, or spyware on your computer and also adds a level of anonymity to your Monero wallet.

The concept is Generating and storing your Monero seed and private keys the most secure and private possible way. not your keys, not your coins


  1. 1 USB Drive (8GB+)

  2. A computer with Internet Access.

  3. Make sure your computer is able to Boot USB Drives

How to Create a Monero Paper Wallet:

Go to
Scroll down and click on Get Tails 5.1 and follow the Instructions for your Operating System

After you have downloaded the Tails Image and verified it, write the Image to your 8GB+ USB Drive according to the Instructions of you operating system.

Shut down your computer and plug in your USB, then go in to your Boot Menu.

Boot Menu Guide

After you have successfully booted your USB, you should see a screen like this. You can leave everything default just click Start Tails.

Now that you are at the blue screen Home Screen, go the search bar using Windows/Super key and type in "Configure Persistent Volume" and click on the vault.

From here, type in a password or passphrase you will memorize.

On the select menu, scroll down and uncheck Additional Software and leave Personal Data on.

Then, click Save and Restart Now.

After you have restarted, be sure to go back in to your Boot Menu and boot into your Tails USB.

Now that you are at the Home Screen again, you should see your Encrypted Persistent Storage Menu, enter the passphrase you created and unlock it.

Now Start Tails once again.

Then, connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet using settings.

Once you are connected to the Internet, a portal should show up.

Select Connect to Tor automatically (easier) and click on Connect to Tor.

After that you should see a loading screen showing your Internet connecting to Tor.

(if you get an error connecting to Tor while using bridges, simply click on Fix Clock and type in your Time Zone.)

Give it a few seconds and it should show “Connected to Tor successfully

Click on “Start Tor Browser” a pop up of Tails information will show up you can just ignore it. Open a New Tab.

Then, go to

Monero Paper Wallet GitHub

Click on the green button, Code then Download ZIP


Tor Browser (Persistent)

After the download is finished and you have saved the ZIP File into your Tor Browser (Persistent) folder, RESTART your Tails.

After you have restarted, be sure to go back in to your Boot Menu and boot into your Tails USB. You should be back at the home screen once again.

This time, click on the + on the Additional Settings tab.

Then, tap on Offline Mode

You should then see the menu. Select Disable all networking and click Add.

This setting disables all networking including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet

Also, unlock your Persistent Storage and Start Tails.

Now go to Files, Tor Browser (Persistent) and extract the ZIP File if you haven't.

Open the extracted ZIP File and double click on monero-wallet-generator.html

There will be a pop up saying Tor is not ready. Start Tor Browser anyway?

This is exactly what we want. Tap on Start Tor Browser Offline

When the Tor Browser has loaded up, you should now see the Offline Wallet Generator.

If you notice the keys are stuck on Generating… just refresh the page.


Your paper wallet will have four important items generated:

  • Monero Public Address: The public address is used to receive funds to the wallet. You give this to anyone who will be sending funds to your wallet.
  • Monero Mnemonic Seed: The mnemonic seed is a method of storing the entire wallet that is easily recognizable to humans. This is all you need to restore your wallet at a later date.
  • Monero Spend Key: The private spend key is used to send funds from the wallet.
  • Monero View Key: The private view key is to view transactions entering the wallet. Commonly this is used to setup a view-only wallet which can see incoming transactions live on the blockchain as they are sent to a cold storage wallet.

From here on, you can print it using an offline printer, some people go as far as destroying their printer or never using it again. Just make sure it is not saved on the printer's memory. The most important part is writing down your mnemonic seed on paper and store any copy of your information/keys SECURELY.

After you have written down, printed, or copied your Monero information, you can close the Tor Browser, and then you can wipe the ZIP File and the monero-wallet-folder by right clicking on them and clicking Wipe if you do not plan on using it again as you will no longer need it.

You can also delete the Persistent Volume by

  1. Restarting Tails from the USB stick on which you want to delete the Persistent Storage.
    In the Welcome Screen, keep the Persistent Storage locked without entering your password.
  2. Start Tails
  3. Super/Windows Key ▸ Type in "Delete Persistent Volume" ▸ Delete persistent volume vault.
  4. Click Delete.

Shut down the computer and remove the USB.
Since the wallet was downloaded with Tor and accessed only offline, it adds a level of anonymity to your Monero wallet.


To verify funds have arrived to your fresh Monero Public Address, you can create a View-Only wallet.

View-Only wallets are relatively safe on your main operating system connected to the Internet since they only use your Public Address and your View-Only key. If worse case scenario, you are infected with malware on your computer, they can not steal your funds as they do not have the seed nor the spend key.

I also recommend downloading the entire Monero blockchain for more security.

If you would like to donate my Monero address is: 495s1BdpyZgfPktZJe5BgEibXmobLAkwr6CNJ5TGGKWtTktwTu4d938azwFR9keAFrhcozyCnXJTkNLw8qJxyoSc77ThcYg

I am extremely passionate about Monero and it's community but I am honestly too broke to buy a lot Monero especially in this dip. Despite that, I love learning about Monero and contributing, it is the only cryptocurrency I support wholeheartedly.

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