In need for some basic education about BTC & the fundamentals

Hi to all of you! Today I sat down to read about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, etc. I know very little of it, but I am willing to learn more. This subreddit seems like a good place to ask questions freely & without judgement (hopefully).

My goal is to invest in Bitcoin (long-term, meaning: even years. Everything takes time), but first I want to learn about it more, analyze the risks before making any move. Note that I haven't made an investment in my life, but was always interested in it, I just did not know how and where to start. Now I feel like I should give it a chance. I would appreciate if you could provide me some information about what is Bitcoin, the history behind it and the possible future. What it means for regular people, what will it mean to society as a whole.

Things that I know is that Bitcoin could fundamentally change the perspective of how we view and use money in the future, and that any crypto, including BTC is digital money, but I guess there is much more. You can also drop/suggest some useful sites, reliable sources where I can gather as much info as I can to make my decision.

Thank you,
A – hopefully – future BTC owner

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