literally trolled by a reddit mod

so like, yall probably familiar with the usual dramas around haveno or whatever
i definitely can enjoy some tea as much as the next one but overall am just a shill for anything monero ecosystem related

earlier today, someone over the /r/xmrtrader was like saying am an /u/erciccione alt account (obviously false…), to which i ended up pinging him and being something along the lines of like:

"someone on reddit saying am your alt account lol wtf, i think am just gon do my usual and just do the whole internet break thingy for few months cause yall batshit crazy on those reddit and twatter or whatever platforms yall insane in the head people be at"

didnt even want to reply to the post but saw that it started getting a couple upvotes on it so still ended up clarifying that nah, aint no alt account LOL, not to clear up my name (dont really give a shit about that tbh) but since am just some retard, why would someone else should be associated with my retardness

then came the mod, XMR2020 (which yikes, is also mod over /r/Monero) that was all like, nah am actually /u/PenumbraDEX (l0nelyc0w) alt account (again, obviously not true) at that point i was literally just like, fuck me, i just wanna make breakfast and not have to deal with those fucking crazy ass people on the reddit, like, fuck reddit you know, fuck reddit in the fucking ass, fucking shitty ass platform LOL

but still, i was like, i gotta clear both their names now, being like, nah, they aint my retarded self, like, am telling u, am just that retard over there and they doing their own thing over there u know, 3 complete different people

and then literally got banned over /r/xmrtrader for the reason of being one of their alt account, which…. am telling u, they have nothing to do with my retardness and are their own self, i aint their alt account wtf LOL

anyways, fuck reddit, literally fuck it and @XMR2020, the actual fuck? LOL

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