Sold my car. The reality of owning a full coin is actually here.

Now to put yourself in my perspective; I didn't sell my car strictly to buy a Bitcoin. I just happened to sell my car at the time it dipped within a price range I could actually afford to be whole.

My secondary hobby is buying and flipping cars. It's almost like playing with stocks, except I can expect profits within weeks instead of years. To summarize, I travel out of state to buy cars that are priced lower than market value. I bring these cars back home locally and flip them for profit. It's not a bad gig if you don't mind the travel time and expenses, but the end profits more then make up for it. I'm also a hobby mechanic, so I am usually pretty good at sorting out junk. So it's not like I'm gambling with a clunker and getting stuck with it if it happened to break down on me. Anyways, I'm veering off subject now… But with flipping vehicles, I usually continue to work with my profits and purchase another car, rinse and repeat with flipping, etc.

Well, my dilemma is continuing my tried and true method of flipping cars for profits, or investing this money in a full bitcoin with some change. Obviously Bitcoin is going to climb back up, but I'm curious in what you all would recommend from your perspective if you fell into this exact situation.

Also, I wouldn't mind hearing what your favorite platform is with purchasing Bitcoin. I have fractions of Bitcoin on multiple apps that I've never really seen the effort of grouping them together since they're such small amounts. With one big egg in the basket, I'd like to make sure that basket is secure enough for me to not worry about it.

And for those wondering, I sold a 2016 Ford Focus RS with a fully built Mountune high performance long block and EFR-7163 turbo!

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