Sorry but please help me understand something

I'll try to make this short. I haven't owned bitcoin since it was around $12.

At the start I loved the idea of a new currency like this but when it started to be seen more and more as some kind of 'get rich' thing I stopped buying it and from there I watched the spikes, the dips, all of it.

Some of you have to help me here. Why is everyone losing their minds over the "crash" of the cost to buy bitcoin? How is this even remotely relevant to bitcoin as a currency?

Bitcoin is not an internet stock or an investment and those who try to use it as one are currently realizing why that wasn't a smart idea. Bitcoin is a currency, plain and simple. You use it to buy things, plain and simple, but for the last decade+ it's been nonstop "HODL!!1" mantras and essays on why you should never even think about selling or using your btc.

The same thing you could buy last week or last month or last year with bitcoin you can still buy with bitcoin. The price fluctuations in terms of how much USD it costs to buy BTC should not matter. I'm honestly vexed why the mods of this sub even allow it? The vast majority of posts I see on here relate to "investment" and "cold storage" and basically every topic that involves not utilizing bitcoin for its actual intended purpose. It's like if /r/podiatry was overtaken by foot fetishists.

imo the guy who bought that first pizza with bitcoin is smarter than all the crypto "investor" bros laughing at him combined. He actually understood what bitcoin was and got tons of people to take an interest in it and to realize that yes, you can actually buy stuff with it – it's actual currency. And yet so many of you still don't get it. You have to explain this to me. You really think this is the smart thing to do in life? To try to make a profit off of bitcoin? This is the best idea you've come up with to make some extra money?

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