The last time the Federal Reserve embarked on a path of tightening monetary policy, following a period of easing was in 2015. The price of Bitcoin was $465.

Title says it all. For everyone freaking out about the Fed tightening cycle, just remember this isn’t the first time in Bitcoin’s history that this has happen. The last time was in 2015 and went into 2018. During that time period we saw Bitcoin go from $465 to $20,000.

What you are seeing right now is purely FUD, don’t buy into it. This won’t crush crypto. If anything, it should be a bullish sign for crypto. The fed is finally admitting that inflation is a serious problem. It is no longer transitory and it has run significantly hotter than the Fed projected.

Also, the news is already baked in. Unless they do something insane, we already know that they are going to likely decrease bond purchases earlier and possibly hike rates earlier. This Fed is very market friendly, always have been. Their biggest fear is shocking the market which I why I believe they will change policy less than people are forecasting.

If the instructions are unclear, I’ll spell it out for you. Buy.

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