How do I add monero to my Exchange(website) !

I ⠀am trying to integrate monero on my Exchange. Website is build using .Net(Web forms). Already created monero wallet using GUI. Tried some commands using RPC but as I know, RPC can not support me in everything. For Example : In my previous post about transaction verification, u/jtgrassie explained to me that I have to generate wallet file using cli and then run RPC commands(get_transfers in this case). How do I run monero-wallet-cli in my .net code? BIGGER PICTURE : I have crypto exchange. When users register, I generate addresses for each cryptocurrency. I have private keys. When user gets payment on his/her address my watchdog(runs every minute) checks blockchain for incoming payments and if there is any payment, I read the balance and put crypto on his/her balance on my exchange.

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