It’s FINALLY Starting To Happen…

I'm noticing that:

  1. Fewer people are buying the dip on this sub.
  2. Fewer people are imploring others to just hodl.
  3. Fewer people are making hyper passionate posts / replies about the technology and how much they dislike banks.

Therefore, after selling ALL of the BTC I bought for around $7k in 2020 for $39k in 2021, I have started to buy again. I've been waiting for fewer "buy the dip" "hodl" and I ❤️ BTC posts. This signifies to me that folks are very afraid.

I'm feeling very greedy.

But… I'm also being cautious. It is quite possible for BTC to move down to around $10k again. For instance, if this drawback parallels the high of previous bull markets, $12k is in sight.

However, I cannot time a bottom.

No one can pick a bottom.

I can only smell fear. I buy when I smell fear.

However, part of me feels like people are not afraid enough…. There are LESS posts about buying at these prices here on this sub… I do believe we will eventually get to a point where there will be none.

Until then, I'll keep NIBBLING. Little chunks (5% of my total BTC bankroll at a time).

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