Reality check

Couple of things to clarify here. I have seen the 2017 cycle, 2019 cycle, survived the March 2020 crash to 3k and seen those glorious days of BTC over 60k not so long ago …

1) as the saying always goes “do not invest more than what you can afford to lose”. Yes, BTC is very low at this point hovering around 19k but that doesn’t guarantee that it will sky rocket again …it can go up or it can go down further. Just because there has been cycles of bear market and bull market twice in the last 5 years doesn’t mean there’s going to another super hyper bull market taking BTC to 100k or even 50k. While there is a possibility there’s no guarantee for any price. So take the risk what you can afford to lose. That’s it. Nothing more unless you wanna burn your fingers

2) people who encourage big institutions or companies to buy more Bitcoin on Twitter or other platforms…no just no—don’t do that!! You’re essentially creating a more risky situation by asking a few whales to accumulate more of Bitcoin which is not Bitcoin was invented for! Whether it is Michael Saylor or Elon Musk or Nayib Bukele, the reality is these people can be true to their words and never sell their BTC , but not everyone surrounding them feel that way. What if tomorrow Michael Saylor is not anymore and Microstrategy is taken over by another CEO? The new CEO might not hold the same vision or perception as Michael Saylor , and if the company is forced to sell their BTC , it can create a massive spiralling downward crisis. BTC is created for us, the common people who are fed up with centralised government and authoritarian financial system. Not to be held by few whales or companies in which case it essentially becomes centralised in a way

3) Carl the moon, MM crypto, bit boy rest of the shillers who shill BTC to 100k and ask you to go long or leverage-posting massive gains at every opportunity, well folks they have all made their wealth and cashed out their principal capital amount back in the their bank account safe and sound. Let this be clear in your minds-They have all got absolutely nothing to lose anymore. Stop following their trade or tweets and actions.

4) Moonbois and noobs and rest who are super positive-well here’s the truth. For every seller there need to be a buyer. Bitcoin won’t pump your wallet just because there’s a halving event happening every 4 years or only 21 million BTC exists creating a scarcity. There need to be enough people in the world who believe in decentralisation and feel Bitcoin is the better way of achieving decentralisation and will achieve a better stability in future rather than being highly volatile.

5) And last but not the least, you got those people who say “I am in it purely for technology”, technology my foot, don’t do something based on those bullocks from others. While do think blockchain technology is amazing, nearly every single person who bought BTC at any price is definitely concerned about his investment. They may not talk about it or seeming not be worried in public but at the back of their mind it’s always there. No one ever buys or invests on something knowingly that they are going to lose money. Everyone wants to profit.

PS: I do personally believe Bitcoin will succeed one day but we have a long way to go as community and need people who are more realistic to go forward.

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