[Unpopular opinion] You guys have been too caught up in crypto speculation that you have lost any reasonable way to logically think about why bitcoin/alts might go up or down.

Seriously, All i see all day are you degenerates literally speculating, "surely it wont go below 20k", "its already hit the bottom".

And look what happens every single day. Bitcoin just keeps falling. Like you guys gotta stop being in your own bubble pretending everything is okay.

If you come over the to the stock side (which is much less risky btw) you will see that we are able to actually be intellectual when stocks are down. We know the reason that stocks are red and we keep investing in stocks logically for reasons like the company has good fundamentals and has equity and low debt to get through a recession.

Some of you just need to snap out of it and realize that bitcoin is so much more riskier than any other form of investment, and if you speculate you just make it worse.

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