Why I’m averaging up

I remember watching BTC go from $1 to $100. I was sitting in my grad lab with a lab mate, both of us up to our eyeballs in undergrad debt (I think I was around ~$70k). I had read about BTC before then and it sounded interesting, but HolY SHiT what if we had bought it at $1! I went home and installed the BTC software. Immediately my laptop was on fire and unusable. Oh well, gave it the ol' college try. I felt underwater with the debt and didn't have "investment" money. Life went on.

I worked freelance on the side, I worked summers, trying to pay down that debt. I was not happy with my my PhD program so in 2013 I left and got a real job. My wife and I had big plans. House down payment + kids in the immediate future. I was very excited but still had this debt burden. I would watch BTC price at work, replaying that run to $100. I finay decided I couldn't not buy it now. I started buying BTC on credit through Coinbase. Small amounts at a time, and then a couple times whole BTC. It was money I knew I had but that I also felt should have been going to paying down my loans. I remember taking a long shit at work and pulling the trigger on multiple BTC fractional buys. My first kid was born and I decided I shouldn't keep doing this. I went back to paying my debts more aggressively. I ended up with around ~8.5 BTC, and I promised myself I wasn't touching it for at least 10 years.

Seeing it at $68k and above really tested me again. I have been fortunate that I didn't need to cash out. I've been incredibly lucky to afford the life I want, and knowing I had that BTC in cold storage added more mental security. At ATH I graced 7 figures between BTC and a couple ~fixed cap alts. I had to ask myself if I was still in this. What was I going to do at 10 years? Should I move it to ETFs?

It hasn't quite been 10 years yet, but here's the fucking answer: I'm averaging up. On to 10 BTC and then 21. Starting now I am back to buying daily.

I spent a lovely day at the park with my family launching model rockets. All of my girls had a blast despite none of the rockets reaching the moon. I read a lot of bullshit TA analysis and I have got to say, there is literally nothing that has changed my perspective on why we need BTC. My kids understand why our model rockets didn't reach the moon, but apparently these naysayers don't understand what we are trying to achieve here. I'm averaging up now, but maybe I'll end up averaging down. I don't know, nobody knows. But Let's Fucking GO!

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