Anyone else shutting off their miners?

I've got an Antminer S19, had it since September last year. Set it up in a bedroom in my home that has a double window, so I could use one window for the intake air and the other for the exhaust, and seal it off from the rest of the house in terms of A/C. Anyways, it used to profit over $20/day. That was back when it mined 70k sats/day and the BTC price was $50k+. But not any more.

Today it mines only about 38-40k sats/day (Antpool), and we all know the BTC price. Seems this new BTC price level is going to be sustained at these low levels, so today for the first time, I turned it off. (My power costs right at 10 cent/kW*hr) No longer worth it – I can straight buy the BTC cheaper than mining it at these prices.

But it got me to thinking – what if everyone starts to switch their miners off? Will the network remain secure enough? I guess the mining payout will start to go up, causing those who get cheap power to turn theirs back on. But still. I thought I was running things efficiently.

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