Couldn’t be happier to see these prices

Bought a lump sum 2017 at 5k and DCA’d through the rise to 20k and crash down to 3k, (I was in the red hard) and DCA’d through the 2019s and 2020s till I got what I thought was a reasonable amount. I threw about 5k USD in at 50kish prices thinking we were going to 100k. Even bought in the 60k range when I knew we were on the brink of a huge pump or huge dump event. I’ve never sold any of my Bitcoin. Why? I’m not smart enough to time markets, and what I put into my investments I’m not willing to lose. It’s the same conviction someone has who invests in Amazon or Tesla or Twitter, thinking, this thing has legs and will grow. When you really “get it” selling isn’t an option, especially for inter generational wealth creation. I will say that Bitcoin is much more important that a Tesla or Amazon stock investment for obvious reasons I don’t need to explain to this crowd. I’m a middle class dude, Carpenter by trade, not some Bitcoin millionaire, just trying to put my money where it can’t be fucked with.


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